About Us

"My motivation is to find beautiful wood and other natural materials which I can shape and assemble to produce something that serves the needs of my customers and which projects a quiet harmony with its surroundings. I am inspired by Japanese design and a culture that respects craftsmanship and refines craft to the level of art."

- Paul Tuller

Display Cabinet

Paul Tuller has been designing and building custom furniture and architectural elements for more than 25 years. The majority of his work is inspired by traditional Japanese design and made using Japanese hand tools. From his workshop in Southwestern New Hampshire, Paul has created interior spaces and furnishings that have been installed throughout New England and as far away as Florida and California.

Corner Bench

Projects have included making furniture, shoji screens, fusuma and wood doors, wooden soaking tubs, tokonoma alcoves, grill-work and wood paneled ceilings. Every element of Paul's work features precise joinery, hand planed surfaces and carefully selected woods that produce a clean and sophisticated look. Anyone interested in learning about Japanese woodworking techniques may contact Paul Tuller about private or group workshops.
Paul has extensive knowledge about sustainable home design and green construction materials. He is available as a consultant and project manager for individuals seeking help creating new living space or renovating existing homes.

Furniture Photos: Mark Corliss